Subiaco Africa

Historical Directory of Subiaco-Cassinese Houses in Africa


Establishment of “College for Blacks” at Genoa by Abbot Pietro Casaretto. Shortly afterwards this College (as part of the Monastic Missionary College founded in 1848) was moved to St Scholastica's Abbey, Subiaco, and finally to Sant'Ambrogio in the historic centre of Rome (1861-1880). At one point in the 1860s the small monastic community at Subiaco included two young black-Africans from the Sudan and an Australian aborigine from Sydney, all intended to return to their own people as missionaries. This is the beginning of the Subiaco-Cassinese Congregation's engagement with Africa.



In 1873 Don Giuseppe Adriano Pio, First African Priest-Monk of the Congregation died at El-Obeid, in his native Sudan.  He had accompanied St Daniel Comboni on his mission to Central Africa and died soon after arrival.  His life story is similar in many respects to that of St Bakhita - see the article "D. Hadriano Pio : First African Monk" on the "Archive" page. 



Djerba, Tunisia.

Three Italian monks of the Congregation were running a mission on the island of Djerba, just off the coast of Tunisia, from 1877-1880.  The mission closed when the monks were redirected to Auckland (New Zealand) and East Bengal.  These early missions of the Congregation were made in close collaboration with the Roman Congregation of Propaganda Fidei and none of them resulted in the canonical erection of monasteries: the monks were sent as individual missionaries.



Saint Benedict’s Abbey Subiaco

P.O. Box 2189


South Africa



f           + 27 015 618 0017 (carpenter’s shop)

Rev. Fr Jeffrey Steele, Prior Administrator

cell       + 27 083 964 9859


Sui iuris – Abbey; founded 1910 by monks from the Flemish Province.

Time Zone: GMT + 2


Prior Administrator: Rev. Fr Jeffrey Steele, nominated 2010, 2013

Fr Phina J. Mmakola, Sub Prior; Fr Faust Vertenten , from Dendermonde Abbey, Belgium; Fr Thomas-Benedict Baxter , from Christ in the Desert Abbey, New Mexico; Fr Sipho P. Bernard Mathabela; Fr Dominic Mohapi; Br Gabriel Mkhabela; Br Lawrence Monyatsi; Br Theophile Ghislain Malavu Pikinini.

Temporary Vows: Br Clement Foloko; Br Alexis Lephoi Keta; Br Paul Thakali; Br Francis Wanjiku.

Novices: 3

Resident elsewhere: Fr. Faust Vertenten; Fr. Sipho P. Bernard Mathabela; Br. Gabriel Mkhabela




AMBOSITRA, Madagascar

Prieuré Masina Maria

B.P. 128





t        + 261 20 47 710 20




R. M. Prieure Jeanne Rasoarinoro

Priory; founded 1934; Congregation of Ste. Bathilde.

Time Zone: GMT + 3


Prioress: R. Mère Jeanne Rasoarinoro, elected 15.03.2007

Sr. Placide Rasoarivelo;  Sr. Marie-Jean Razoamampionona;  Sr. Cécile Razaiarisoa;  Sr. Chantal Ranorovao;  Sr. Anne-Marie Razafindrangita;  Sr. M. Joseph Razanamalala;  Sr. Victoire Rabozy;  Sr. M. Bernadette Razafinirina;  Sr. M. Véronique Bao;  Sr. Ephrem Razafy;  Sr. Monique Justine Rakala;  Sr. M. Brigitte Julienne Razafintsoa

 Temporary Vows:   Sr. Marie-Paul Ravaohita;  Sr. Marie-Anne Rasoanirina;  Sr. Marie Lucie Rasoarilinina;  Sr. Myriam Razafimanantsoa;  Sr. Antoine Marie Ravaonoro;  Sr. Marie Bénédicte Rasaholiarimanitra;  Sr. Marie Catherine Razoliarisoa.

Novices : 2


Resident elsewhere: R. Mère Marie Berthe Milina, Prioress, Mananjary;  R. Mère Scholastique Rasoafara, Prioress, Joffreville;  Sr Ephrem Razafy, St Thierry.







Monastère Bénédictin Masina Maria



(parcels) B.P. 01 - 105 MAHITSY



t          + 261 33 07 055 41;  + 261 33 02 488 94;   + 261 32 43 596 75


Rev. P. Luc-Ange Randrianasolo,  Prior Administrator

t          +261 34 15 09 130


Sui iuris— Conventual Priory; founded 1954 from La Pierre qui Vire; aggregated to the Congregation 1955.

Time Zone: GMT + 3


Prior Administrator: R. P. Luc-Ange Randrianasolo: nominated for three years, 02.09.2013

P. François Régis Hervé; P. Rodolphe Razafidiarimanana; f. Etienne de Faure; P. Christophe Vuillaume; f. Jean-Marie Randrianasolo; f. Silouane Randrianaivoson; f. Marie-Théodore Rakotoarisoa; f. Emmanuel Rasolofo; f. Bertrand Randrianasolo; P. Marie-Epiphane Rasolonjatovo; f. Marcel-Marie Rakoto; f. Jacques-Martin Randriamiandrasoa.

Temporary Vows: f. Jean-Aimée Rakotomarolafy; f. Marc-Marie Randrianandrasana; f. François de Paule Rakotonirina.

Resident Elsewhere : P. Christophe Vuillaume, La Bouenza, Congo



Mananjary, Madagascar


Monastère des Bénédictines

B.P. 90





t          + 261 20 72 092 76




R. Soeur Marie Berthe Milina, Local Superior

Dependent house of Ambositra, founded 1955. Congregation of Ste Bathilde.

Time Zone : GMT + 3


Sr. Marie Berthe Milina, Superior;  Sr. Marthe Razafindrasoa;  Sr. Bernadette Ravao;  Sr. Germaine Rasoanindrina;  Sr. Marie Jacques Rasoamaharavo;  Sr. Philippe Razaiarisoa;  Sr. Marie Ravaosolo;  Sr. M. Thérèse Rakalavao;  Sr. Irène Olga Ramielivola.

Temporary Vows:  Sr. Marie Goretti Robline;  Sr. Marie Rasendrasoa.

 Novices : 3



LA BOUENZA, Congo-Brazaville


Monastère de la Bouenza

BP 4138


Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)


Founded in 1958 as a dependent house of la Pierre-qui-Vire, France. The monastery was closed in 1998 as a consequence of the civil war. It was reopened in 2008 by the Abbot President and placed under his direct jurisdiction. In 2011 La Bouenza became a Conventual Priory ‘sui iuris’ by a special statute granted by the Holy See on 24.11.2011.



 t           + 242 06 607 71 78



R.P. Christophe Mouhingou, Prior

t            + 242 06 688 39 83



Sui iuris – Conventual Priory; founded by La Pierre-qui-Vire in 1958; closed 1998; re-founded 08.12.2008.

Time Zone: GMT + 1


Conventual Prior: R.P. Christophe Mouhingou, nominated Conventual Prior by the Abbot President according to a special statute, 07.12.2011.

P. Bernard de Longevialle, from La Pierre qui Vire, Sub Prior.  f. Fidèle Mabika;  f. Marie-Thomas Bontali;  f. José-Maria Nkoulouka;  f. Angelo Fusaro from the Priory of Germagno, Italy.

Temporary Vows: Fr. Sylvain Kouyakaba



Bouaké, Cȏte d’Ivoire


(A novitiate outing)

Monastère Bénédictin Sainte-Marie

01 B.P. 511 BOUAKE' 01

Cȏte d’Ivoire



t               + 225 09 46 06 77 (Guest house)


R. P. Jean-Luc Molinier, Local Superior



Founded 1960 from Toumlilene, Morocco. In 2011 the Priory was made a dependent house of En Calcat Abbey, France, under a special statute.

Time Zone: GMT


P. Jean-Luc Molinier, from En Calcat, Superior

P. Dieudonné Ouedraogo;  P. Jean-Marie Diarrassouba;  f. Hermann Karama;  f. Emmanuel Niamké;  f. Clément Kouamé Kouakou;  f. Aimé Tano Bilé Amon;  f. Paul Atta Kouassi;  f. Théophile Matia;  f. Jacques Seydou Bambara; f. Julien Bance Zirignin; f. Guy-Roger Dede N’Guessan; f. Innocent Kouakou; f. Augustin Kouman.

Temporary Vows:   f. Yao Badou;  f. Jean-Hugues Djobi Dioti



DZOGBEGAN, (Monks) - Togo

(Solemn Profession of f. Cyprien & f. José Maria)

Abbaye de l'Ascension de Dzogbégan

B.P. 15 Danyi-Apéyémé



cell        + 228 90 06 98 73

f            + 228 22 21 55 12 (Maison S. Benoȋt, Lomé)



P. Abbé Théodore Kouassi Coco

cell         + 228 90 25 65 12      + 228 98 15 98 25



Sui iuris - Abbey; founded from En Calcat, 1961.

Time Zone: GMT

Abbot:  P. Abbé Théodore Kouassi Coco, elected 26.08.2006; blessed 27.01.2007.

P. Jean-Thierry Sikpa, Prior;  P. Martin Ampam Johnson;  P. André-Dosseh Woneku;  P. Michel-Benoît Alafia Moreira;  f. Christophe Kouma Ayawa;  f. Emmanuel Koffi Amessouwoe;  P. Raphaël Kodjo Anama;  f. Paul Komlan Elessessi;  P. Etienne Adamadogbe Senah;  f. Benoît Gnandja Tiel;  f. Innocent Kodjo Attisso;  f. Christian Akolly;  P. Gervais Yaovi Degbe;  f. François Komi Amouzou;  f. Jean-Chrysostome Koudegnan;  f. Jean-Christophe Djonou;  f. Cyprien Messan Sapko;  f. Marie-Laurent Gnonsou;  f. Basile Yao Hologno;  f. Olivier Pakeyendo Lamboni;  f. Vincent Gbagbo;  f. Hippolyte Todjro;  f. Justin Ayanou;  f. Gaétan Agouvi. 

Temporary Vows:  f. Petrus Avutsu; f. Florent.

Resident elsewhere:  D. Michel-Benoit Moreira, Superior of Hekanmé, Bénin


October 2014, marche-en-avant-octobre-2014-dzogbegan.docx

August 2014, marche-en-avant-avril-mai-juin.docx  


KOUBRI - (monks), Burkina Faso

Abbaye Saint-Benoît-de-Koubri

01 B.P. 123 OUAGADOUGOU 01




t        + 226 50 40 55 11



P. Jean-Christophe Yameogo, Prior Administrator, nominated January 2014.


Sui iuris - Abbey; founded1963 from Toumlilene, Morocco.

Time Zone: GMT


Abbot Emeritus: P. André Ouédraogo, elected abbot, 16.01.1985; blessed 11.07.1985; resigned 19.10.2013

P. Jean-Christophe Yameogo, Prior AdministratorP. Augustin Bourgou, Prior;   P. Gilbert Combes;  P. Jean-Michel Kaboré; f. Denis Rapademnaba;  P. Pascal Ouédraogo;  f. Athanase N’Do;  f. Jean-Marie Mano;  f. Alphonse Bama;  f. Anthyme Tago;  f. Marius-Alexandre Ouédraogo;  f. Félix Ouattara;  f. Pascal-Célestin Paré;  f. Joseph Balma;  P. Edmond Amos Zongo, f. Boniface Soubeiga;  f. Pierre Poudiougo;  P. Jean-Bosco Gnomon; P. Daniel-Innocent Ouédraogo , f. Moise Ilboudo.

Temporary Professed:  f. Léonce Kassa

Resident elsewhere:  P. André Ouédraogo, Abbot Emeritus, on Sabbatical

Novices: 4

Click on photos to enlarge and view gallery.  



KOUBRI – Nuns, Burkina Faso


Monastère des Bénédictines Notre-Dame de Koubri

01 B.P. 632 OUAGADOUGOU 01




t / f       +


R. Mère Henriette Wênd-Bala Kalmogo, Prioress



Conventual Priory. Founded from Valognes, France, 1963, associated to the Congregation, 1988.

Time Zone: GMT


Prioress: R. Mère Marie-Henriette Wênd-Bala Kalmogo, Elected, 06.07.1991.

S. Jeanne Doamba, Sub-Prioress;  S. Thérèse-Marie Sedgho;  S. Marie Zoungrana;  S. Bernadette Compaore;  S. Anne Zoungrana;  S. Marie-Louise Somda;  S. Marie-Philippe Kiemtaremboumbou;  S. Marie-Laetitia Ouédraogo;  S. Marie-Paul Kyêdrebéogo;  S. Brigitte-Marie Korgo;  S. Odile Vêbamba;  S. Marie-Thérèse Kyelem;  S. Pierre Jean-Baptiste Kuiré;  S. Marie David Yaméogo;  S. Bénédicte Tassembédo;  S. Hildegarde Bamogo;  S. Isabelle Ouédraogo;  S. Clarisse Kabre;  S. Marie-Christine Ouédraogo;  S. Clémentine Naganda; S. Marie-Mélanie Compaoré; S. Marie-Marcelline Konkobo.

 Temporary Vows: S. Marie Elie Nikiema;  S. Marie-Joseph de Jésus Yanogo;  S. Marie-Rosalie Ouédraogo;  S. Juliette Bienvenue Ouédraogo. 

 Novice: 1



DZOGBEGAN - Nuns, Togo

Monastère de l'Assomption  






t         + 228 902 980 17

 f        + 228 251 077 2 (Lomé)



R. Mère Thérèse-Elisabeth Kéti , Prioress Administrator, nominated for one year, February 2014.


Sui iuris – Abbey Founded from Dourgne Abbey, France in 1963. Aggregated to the Congregation, 1992.

Time Zone: GMT

Prioress Administrator: R. Mère Thérèse-Elisabeth Kéti

S. Yeshua-Madéba Boma-Atta;  S. Christiane-Bénédicte Gbadoe;  S. Claire-Elise Amedonou;  S. Jean-Baptiste Gaba;  S. Blandine-Marie Kuégah;  S. Sophie Kueviakoe;  S. Elizabeth de la Croix Gatovi;  S. Marie Fidegnon;  S. Sylvie-Véronique Kangni;  S. Agnès-Benoit Haden;  S. Marguerite-Marie Amana;  S. Théophane Gbikpi;  S. Véronique Afangbedji;  S. Gertrude Akli;  S. Martine Welle;  S. Pierrette Klutse;  S. Bénédicte Assima;  S. Jocelyne Johnson;  S. Lucy Bediako;  S. David Lawson;  S. Marie-Joseph Kamda;  S. Antoinette-Patricia Segbésnou;  S. Pulchérie Barie-Benoît Changoemi;  S. Christine Amah;  S. Myriam Adovi;  S. Marie-Lucie Makpe;  S. Léonce Odégnon; S. Chistiane Bohoun; S. Claire Bakhita Mèdégan.

 Temporary Vows: S. Suzanne Djombole;  S. Adeline Tigoma;  S. Pauline Ziga;  S. Jeanne Kpokoudjo;  S. Christie-André Amouh; S. Marie Florence Abotsi.

 Regular Oblates :  S. Anna-Josée Kagué;  S. Eva-Marie Tossou

 Resident elsewhere:  Sr. Christiane Gbadoe, Fraternité de Jérusalem, Rome.



BOUAKÉ - Nuns, Cȏte d’Ivoire


Monastère de la Bonne Nouvelle

01 B.P. 136 BOUAKE 01

Cȏte d’Ivoire



t             + 225 07 41 05 36

f             + 225 04 93 24 90




R. Mère Paul Galland, Prieure

cell          + 225 02 20 02 40



Conventual Priory - sui iuris.  Founded from Pradine, France, in 1963. Made independent 10.09.2002. Fédération du Coeur Immaculé de Marie (Féd. C.I.M.)

Time Zone: GMT

Prioress: R. Mère Paul Galland, elected 12.08.2003

Sr. Paschale Thisse;  Sr. Myriam Ruggieri;  Sr. Jean Marie Aimée Amafin;  Sr. Marie Rosina Mensah;  Sr. Marie Olivier Oulaï;  Sr. Bernadette Wé;  Sr. Bénédicte Zahui;  Sr. Scholastique Mah;  Sr. Marie Liesse Koné;  Sr. Anne Joseph N’Kounkou;  Sr. Emmanuel Milandou;  Sr. Marie Espérance Menzan;  Sr. Karine Générosa Amani Amenan.

 Temporary Vows : Sr. Elise Beugré;  Sr. Marie-Thérèse Ahou;  Sr. Marie-Josiane Diakite.

 Novices: 2



Zagnanado, Monks, Benin

 Founded from Belloc, France.  It closed c.1990 but the remaining monks moved to Koubri and the monastery was refounded at Hekanme in 1998. See below.



TOFFO, Nuns, Benin


Monastère Saint-Joseph



Republique de Bénin



t              + 229 97 98 08 71




R. Mère Marie-Reine Hounsou, Prieure

t               + 229 96 56 71 01

 Priory; founded in 1966 by the monasteries of Vanves and Saint-Thierry (both in France). Became a Conventual Priory 18.10.2008.

Time Zone: GMT

Prioress: R. Mère Marie-Reine Hounsou, elected 17.01.2009.

Sr. Myriam Loire;  Sr. Bernadette Bonneviale;  Sr. Bénédicte Forment;  Sr. M. Benoît Hounkponou;  Sr. Thérèse Tessi;  Sr. Marguerite Fandjinou;  Sr. Caroline Houngbo;  Sr. Laurence Bada;  Sr. M. Joseph Koudébi;  Sr. Jeanne Marie Dossou;  Sr. Laetitia Kiti;  Sr. Gabriel Ravaosolo;  Sr. Scholastique Adahè.

 Temporary Vows : Sr. Marthe Dosou;  Sr. Marie Madeleine Ezin.

 Novices : 3

 Resident elsewhere:  Sr Thérèse Tessi, Saint Thierry



Joffreville, Madagascar


Bénédictines de Joffreville

B.P. 407





t             +


 R. Mère Gertrude Rabary, Local Superior


Dependent house of Ambositra, founded 1976. Congregation of Ste. Bathilde.

Time Zone : GMT + 3


Prioress Emerita of Ambositra: R. Mère Scholastique Rasoafara

Mère Gertrude Rabary, Superior

Sr. Joseph Razafindravelo;  Sr. Vincent de Paul Rasoamampionona;  Sr. Marguerite M. Rasoandrainy;  Sr. Blandine Razafindrafara;  Sr. Clarisse Raharivony;  Sr. Marianne Razanavakana;  Sr. Jeanne de Chantal Rasoanandrianina.

Temporary Vows :  Sr. Bénédicte Babatsara;  Sr. Laurence Mie Ange Feno;  Sr. Marie Charline Rafaramalala;  Sr. M. Edmine Lavanana. 



UMUOJI, Nigeria


St Scholastica's Benedictine Abbey

P.O. Box 301


Anambra State




t        + 234 80 34 00 59 89



Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi, Abbess 

t        + 234 70 38 52 51 54

 Sui iuris - Abbey; founded 08.07.1978 by the monastery of S. Giovanni Battista, Monte Mario, Rome; became independent 1992; associated with the Congregation, 1994.

Time Zone: GMT


Abbess: Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi, elected 27.08.2007; blessed, 06.01.2008.

Sr. M. Bernadette Nwankwo;  Sr. M. Anastasia Umennaka;  Sr. M. Theresa Ozoemena;  Sr. M. Pauline Anugha;  Sr. M. Veronica Ayika;  Sr. M. Immaculata Amagbo;  Sr. M. Catherine Ibeh;  Sr. M. Bernardine Ikeghe;  Sr. M. Callistus Ezike;  Sr. M. Magdalen Muojama;  Sr. M. Assumpta Emenike;  Sr. M. Perpetua Amailo;  Sr. M. Josefa Anyaegbunam; Sr. Rose Marie Onyeka;  Sr. M. Clara Agbim;  Sr. M. Michael Agba;  Sr. M. Jacinta Chialu;  Sr. M. Maura Nnakwe;  Sr. M. Augustine Ezenwanwe;  Sr. M. Patrick Adibe;  Sr. M. Bede Umeoka;  Sr. M. Martha Nwizu;  Sr. M. Benedict Ezegolu;  Sr. M. Consolata Nwogu;  Sr. M. Anthony Ewim;  Sr. M. Bruno Ezenibe;  Sr. M. Philip Emeh;  Sr. M. Baptista Okapala;  Sr. M. Agnes Egbelu;  Sr. M. Gabriel Azonyuo;  Sr. M. Bonaventure Nwosa;  Sr. Joseph Okele;  Sr. M. Agnes Egbelu; Sr. Samuel Onyeoziri;  Sr. Concepta Ezeh;  Sr. Maria Gratia Onyeboro;  Sr. Philomena Maria Aniakor;  Sr. Pia Chukwuanu;  Sr. Vincent Okolo;  Sr. M. Salvatoris Onyekwum; Sr. M. Sixtus Okoli; Sr. M. Stephane Okpala; Sr. M. Anselm Okoli; Sr. M. Jude Nwamekwe; Sr. M. Perpetua Azumara; Sr. M. Regina Anisiobi; Sr. Miriam Veronica Ezeani; Sr. M. Victoria Aziekwene; Sr. M. Scholastica Cordis Igbozoba; Sr. M. John Baptist Ugokwe; Sr. M. Martin of Tours Arinze; Sr. Miriam Philomena Agbasionwe; Sr. M. Gerard Nkobie; Sr. M. Susan Pauline Nnagbo; Sr. M. Caroline Ezeisi; Sr. M. Veronique Olunwa; Sr. M. Angela Ojiakor; Sr. Miriam Regina Obimata; Sr. Nativitas Mariae Emeodi; Sr. M. Andrea Onuh; Sr. M. Aloysius Igwebuike; Sr. Cor Jesu Oraegbunam; Sr. Marie Leonie Ezeugo; Sr. M. Alphonsus Adiewere; Sr. M. Pacis Muojama; Sr. M. Corpus Christi Beluchi; Sr. M. Gloria Onyejuili; Sr. M. Ruphina Chukwuka; Sr. M. Genetrix Nwosu; Sr. M. Therese Martin Onuchukwu; Sr. M. Paul Ebere; Sr. M. Imelda Okeke; Sr. M. Dominica Mmadike; Sr. M. Jane Frances Okafor; Sr. M. Thomas Ibe; Sr. M. Emmanuela Ezeilo; Sr. M. Mediatrix Mmadu; Sr. M. Loyola Nwachukwu; Sr. Maria Augustina Umunnaka; Sr. Maria Eugenia Onyegbu; Sr. Maria Regina Ibeh; Sr. Elizabeth Maria Arinze; Sr. Agnes Mary Uzoezie; Sr. Miriam Perpetua Mmaduaghosi; Sr. M. Providentia Mekkam; Sr. Maria Goretti Offora; Sr. Jane Marie Onuegbu; Sr. Miriam Clara Nzomiwu; Sr. Miriam Pauline Igbanor; Sr. M. Francisca Oguonu; Sr. M. Stella Maris Enuka; Sr. Miriam Concepta Okeh; Sr. Cordis Gloria Ezenwa; Sr. M. Edith Arinze; Sr. M. Angelica Ojukwu; Sr. Rita Maris Obiejinwa; Sr. Miriam Eugenia Nwenyi; Sr. M. Sabina Nwosu; Sr. Joy Augusta Nwankwo. 

Temporary Vows

Sr. Rosary Rose Ijeoma; Sr. M. Caro Christi Ononamadu; Sr. M. Trinitas Maria Asadu; Sr. Maria Patricia Mgbechi; Sr. M. Assumpta Maria Ezennolum; Sr. M. Sussana Ekpechi; Sr. M. Lucia Odimgbe; Sr. M. Silvia Enemuo; Sr. M. Annunciata Obimata; Sr. Genetrix M. Okongwu; Sr. M. Clare Anozie; Sr. M. Callista Okele; Sr. M. Eucharia Ojukwu; Sr. M. Fortunata Omeke; Sr. Miriam Martha Ejinima; Sr. Caritas M. Ogbu; Sr. M. Victoria Aninwogbu. 

Novices: 6


Resident elsewhere:




Sr M. Bede Umeoka; Sr Concepta Ezeh; Sr M. Aloysius Igwebuike; Sr M. Corpus Christi Beluchi; Sr M. Emmanuela Ezeilo;


Sr M. Philip Emeh; Sr M. Stephane Okpara; Sr M. Andrea Onuh; Sr M. Imelda Okeke.


Sr Cordis Gloria Ezenwa; Sr M. Raphael Otubelu; Sr RosaryRose Ijeoma. 



Sr M. Angela Ojiakor; Sr M. Dominica Mmadike; Sr M. Gloria Onyejuili.


Sr M. Bernard Emenike; Sr M. Caroline Ezeisi; Sr M. Genitrix Nwosu.



Sr Rose Marie Onyeka; Sr M. Baptista Okapala. 


Sr M. Callistus Ezike; Sr Perpetual Azumara. 


Sr Vincent Okolo; Sr M. Sixtus Okoli; Sr Miriam Philomina Agbasionwe.



Kristo Buase

Benedictine Monastery of Kristo Buase

P.O. Box TM-291







Very Rev Dom Bede Kierney, Prior




Founded 1989 from Prinknash Abbey, Pluscarden Abbey, Ramsgate Abbey on behalf of the English Province. Erected as a Conventual Priory - Sui Iuris, 6 August 2016

Time zone: GMT


Prior Bede Kierney; Fr Ambrose Flavell; Br Gabriel Peh; Br Basilio Zaa-Liebe; Br Patrick Obeng-Nketia; Br Antony Buaful; Br Martin Osei.


Temporary Vows

Br John of the Cross Aworoh; Br Cyprian Anasa.

Novices: 2            Postulant: 1



Sadori, Togo - Nuns


Maison de l'Emmanuel de Sadori





t           + 228 909 64 94

+ 228 921 20 02

f           + 228 771 70 61

Dependent house of Dzogbégan, founded 1994.

Time Zone: GMT

 Sr Spéra Anthony; Sr Marie-Bernadette Nyadzo; Sr Joséphine Ségbénou; Sr Scholastique Ananou; Sr Agatha Awadé; Sr Maria-Goretti Amoussou.



Hékanmé, Bénin


Monastère Bénédictin

Mont Tabor de Hékanmé


Republique de Bénin



t           + 229 95 96 34 82



Rev. P. Michel-Benoît Alafia Moreira, Local Superior

cell       + 229 90 03 42 78

+ 229 97 01 27 79

f           + 229 94 50 50 51


Monastery founded in 1998. Made a dependent house of Koubri, 2005.  Made a dependent house of Dzogbegan 01 Dec 2014.

Time Zone: GMT + 1

P. Michel-Benoît Alafia Moreira, Superior, from Dzogbégan

Fr. Simon Hounnouvi; Fr. Casimir Ahouloupkè; Fr. René-Raphaël Tossou; Fr. Augustin Affaton; Fr. Joseph-Marie Sessou; Fr. Fabrice A. Kovohouande


Temporary Vows

Fr. Ange Etoile Ajahouto




Prieuré Sainte Croix de Friguiagbé

Mission Catholique

B.P. 2016





t           + 874 761 926 621



  1. Sr. Raphaël Verzaux, Local Superior

t           + 224 63 25 80 18



Dependent house of Maumont, France. Founded 1996. Federazione del Cuore Immacolato di Maria (Féd. C.I.M.)

Time Zone: GMT - 1


Sr. Raphaël Verzaux, Superior

Sr. Françoise Cousin; Sr. Dorothée Bellot; Sr. Vianney Saint Paul; Sr. Pierre Boivin; Sr. M.-Bénédicte Pena Boubin


Novice: 1






Queen of Peace Monastery

P. O. Box 10


Ekwusigo LGA

Anambra State




t           + 234 80 374 802 15 / + 234 80 367 066 35

Founded 1998, dependent house of Umuoji.

Time Zone: GMT


Sr. M. Michael Agba, Local Superior

Sr. M. Juliana Awuzie; Sr. M. Josephine Amakese; Sr. M. Catherine Ibeh; Sr. M. Bernard Emenike; Sr. M. Cordelia Okoye Eze; Sr. M. Ursula Odunze; Sr. M. Clement Okoli; Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque Ugezu; Sr. M. Gertrude Nwizu; Sr. Miriam Cecilia Ekwunife; Sr. Maria Augustina Umunnaka; Sr. Miriam Perpetua Mmaduaghosi; Sr. M. Trinitas Ezenwobodo; Sr. M. Paraclita Ikokwu; Sr. M. Agnes Ilo; Sr. M. Innocentia Udeogu; Sr. M. Bakhita Nkwonedu. 

Temporary Vows

Sr. M. Raphael Otubelu; Sr. M. Anne Joachim Ilegbuna; Sr. M. Caritas Dei Ojukwu; Sr. M. Benedict Paschal Okafor; Sr. M. Gabriella Azor; Sr. M. Veronica Onyekaonwu; Sr. M. Faustina Anaeme; Sr. M. Callista Anyanwu; Sr. Maria Benedicta Ezulike; Sr. Miriam Patricia Onwudinjo; Sr. M. Concepta Ilozulu; Sr. M. Anastasia Iloh; Sr. M. Antoinette Mmaghie; Sr. M. Cor Jesu Ossai


Novices: 6